We build Robots and Robot Subassemblies.

Contributing Considerations

The Minimum You have to Work Out Before Working Together:

If you are going to work together please consider the following before starting:

  • Who owns what? If you are building a subassembly who owns it? If you are pitcing in labour, what do you get in return (other than skills)?
  • What happens if the robot is damaged? This is always a possiblity. Plan a head. If you can’t afford to fry some key part, don’t give access to it. Figure this all out upfront.

  • If the robot is bought out by Apple, who gets what? This is a bit far fetched, but it is a reality. Some very successful companies started out as a club that then marketed their creations. Figure this out up front. Our recommendation is to measure everything in hours, and to keep a log of who did what. Later on if there is any economic benefit, the hours and the value of the skill set can be used to determine the shared compensation if Apple shows up with a billion bucks.

  • What happens if there is conflict? We don’t want members fighting with one another. You don’t want to lock people out from a project, and you also don’t want flakes leaving people hanging. We recommend treating everything as a contract. Define the desired outcome from the help, define the given/allocated resources and a timeline. This makes sure misscommunications are kept to a minimum.

  • Always agree on the worst case sceneario, and the action that will occur in each case. Plan for the worst, but hope for the best.