We build Robots and Robot Subassemblies.

Intended Users:

We are a resource for everyone who posses robotics skills (Mechanical, Electrical, Computing, or preferably all of the above), and is serious about building a robot, or a robot subassembly (a key part of a robot). We are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Club Mission:

The overarching objective of the club is to enable and facilitate the building of robots. In practical terms our mission is to facilitate:

  • Networking - Create a means for robot builders to cross paths, and be aware of fellow members and their projects.
  • Knowledge Transfer - Enable robot builders to assist, guide, share knowledge with, or mentor fellow robot builders.
  • Resources - Help each other create working robots and robotic subassemblies by loaning spare hardware, loaning tools, and offering help.
  • Helping Hands - Where possible, pair those who have the skills to build robots with those who are building a robot and need another set of hands.
  • Good Designs - Promotion of the kind of robots designs we would want for ourselves and our families.

What is a Robot?

Since the word “robot” can mean different things to different people, kindly have a look at our Robot & Robot Subassembly Definition page to make sure we are in linguistic and ideological alignment.

Current Flagship Project - "Jimmy"

This project is still in mid-flight. One day this unit will be able to map it's surroundings, localize itself in the map, plan a path to get to another part of the map, and avoid any unmapped obstacles (ROS Navigation stack). As well, it is in the works to assemble and program (using MoveIt!) a 6 axis robot arm (AR2 by Annin Robotics). For more projects consult our Projects page.

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